Medicine and Language
Medicine and Language

Our Medical English Programme is suitable for students who hope to pursue a career in Medicine. The spine of the programme will be general English with all tasks, exercises, and activities delivered within the context of Medicine.

This is not a biology programme, however, students will be exposed to a significant amount of medical terminology. Grammar and vocabulary will be strong components of this Programme with students putting their new found knowledge to use through intricately planned practical exercises and activities which are staged by our staff on a daily basis.

The outcomes for this programme are that students will have a solid foundation in Medical English and have also gained some insight into the daily communicatory requirements of doctors/nurses in a medical setting. We aim to develop the language ability of the students across all four skills, while also enhancing their confidence in dealing with tasks such as; taking patient histories, listing symptoms, diagnosing minor illnesses and maintaining rapport with colleagues and hospital residents.

Programme details

Age: 18+




When: Full afternoon and evening activity programme

Average class size:

Start date: Any Monday (exceptions may apply)

Certificate: Certificate of attendance and progress report issued at the end of the programme

Programme material, internet access and activity programme included in the fees


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