Austria is a country rich with beautiful mountain valley views and history that captures the spirit of bygone era. The splendour of Austria will likely take your breath away with the grandeur of Imperial Vienna and Baroque Architecture combined with art – nouveau buildings.

Austria is an extraordinary destination for our students who wish to explore the sites including serene and drinking water quality lakes, countryside villages, ornate palaces and imperial monuments.

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Vienna is situated in the north eastern part of Austria, a country renowned not just for the spectacular mountain beauty and it’s cultural wealth, but also for it’s historical importance to Europe. Vienna known locally as Wien, is Austria’s imperial capital where the Europe’s second largest river Danube cuts it’s course through the mountains and flows through the city connecting the country’s heartlands Upper and Lower Austria.

Aside from the breathtaking natural landscapes that surround the city, Vienna boasts also a varied and rich cultural life that comes from it’s unique blend of age – old traditions, magnificent historical buildings and ”golden art” nouveau architecture making this city a very popular among our students and tourists alike. Due to Vienna’s perfect location, it is an ideal base for visiting the very best that Austria and Central Europe has to offer. Furthermore, the city’s position represents the significance of it’s location by housing the headquarters of many international organisations such as OSCE, the United Nations and OPEC.

Our Programmes in Vienna also enhance the oppotunities of immersive learning experience for our students through the project works and excursions around the city. The students will be given tours of Vienna and will be able to see all the famous sites you’ve on the screen and postcards, including Belvedere, Hofburg, Parlament, Stephansdom and many more.

Vienna is the ideal location for students to immerse themselves in Austrian culture not just because of its splendour and elegance, but also for it’s striking and heart touching mountain views. The students will get plenty of time to experience the classical sights of Vienna and picturesque landscapes.

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Our accommodation facilities work to provide students with a taste for adult living in a controlled environment. Students learn the responsibilities of running and maintaining a house hold while being offered the maximum comfort and support while they enjoy our programme.

We believe that this component of the Programme offers a unique experience to our students as they gain a deeper understanding of independent living.


Students are encouraged to fill in everyday shopping lists for the food they need and cater themselves at breakfast and snack times. Our staff provide them with their requests so that students can gain a deeper understanding of how to manage food as well as a house hold.

We believe that this aspect of our Programme is unique when compared with similar programmes. It allows students the chance to prove their ability for independent living in a setting that is controlled and secure, while at the same time offering them the freedom for success and personal development.

Lunch and dinner is provided at the dining hall or restaurant. With wide variety of food, our students can always find something delicious that suits their taste.


All our students stay in accommodation with excellent facilities and easy access to the city center set amongst the spectacular monuments of Vienna.

Students are housed in modern, newly refurbished purpose built student accommodation. Each participant has their own single or shared bedroom with en-suite. Kitchen facilities, bathrooms and wireless internet connections are available.

With a 24 hour security and reception, meaning that although students have the freedom of independent living, they are still contained within a safe and secure environment.

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