RITE is a non-profit, charity institution, registered in Switzerland and Malta, which undertakes to:

• offer its students the chance to study at affiliated online universities abroad and to organise language and cultural exchanges for young people.

• develop new multimedia systems and e-learning technologies, as well as new communication tools for multilingual and transnational education.

• produce multimedia publications of on-line courses for continuing education and universities (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD’s degrees), summer camps, cultural events, scientific and artistic presentations, public debates and meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and anything else which might help youth and adults to foster communication or to raise scientific, technological and/or cultural awareness.

• carry out research of innovation in teaching while promoting the professional development of teachers by organising meetings and training courses, both locally and internationally.

• support the research, development, organisation and management in the fields of culture, science and technology by working together with existing tertiary bodies as well as with private companies, NGOs and other non-profit institutions to ensure that research findings are well utilised by all and that a variety of groups are properly integrated into existing EU and UN programmes.