Who we are

We are a transnational, non-profit Institution registered as NGO in Switzerland and twinned with a large number of European schools and universities. The Institute carries out charity projects, offers summer camps, work internships and e-learning projects. It offers a wide range of international, social, cultural, language and exchange programmes mostly through educational nets and other opportunities. Our initiatives can be partially or fully financed by local authorities or EU grants.
We do not operate to generate profit as we are organized as a not-for-profit organisation which include voluntary associations operating in almost all EU. Our aim is to helps and promote all non traditional education and social projects around the world.
We accept, hold and disburse money only in order to make social, languages and cultural programmes affordable to everyone. We are therefore funded and supported by donations from the private or public sector.


Our international programmes are growing each year in popularity and very quickly have taken a new shape, becoming more elaborate thanks to the suggestions and preferences of teachers and educational authorities with whom we work strictly together. We would also like to thank everyone who supports us by getting involved in our programmes, providing material, human resources, cultural support and active participation.
Our initiatives, which has already been running for years, intends to offer young Europeans not only up-to-date information on EU programmes, but also a real opportunity to implement cultural and social exchanges. This is a great chance for students to interact with young people and adults from all over the European Union.
For over a decade European students, individually or in groups, have been happy to take part in our international projects, partially or fully supported by grants. Following this success we are proud to continue our activities and share this dynamic educational, social and cultural process with an increasing number of partners.

Our aim

Our mission is to develop innovative cultural programmes not only within Europe but throughout the world. The aim of our non-profit organisation is to make them available even for those whose budget is low. In fact we organise competitions, provide fellowships and free admissions for students in need. Our projects are usually partially or fully financed by local educational institutions, municipalities and other bodies.