Staff Feedback

Leo Skliar, England
''I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Rite University’s Canterbury Summer School 2013 ‘Learning Through Acting’. The students were all enthusiastic, eager to learn, and easy to teach. This is helped by the staff that came with them, who were all incredibly friendly and nice people. I worked mainly on activities and projects, which provided me with the chance to travel and see many famous sites and attractions, which is a definite perk to the job. Every day I had the opportunity do something new and interesting with a great group of people, which meant there wasn’t a day where I didn’t look forward to going to work. Above all, I must say that the staff at Rite Univeresity were fantastic to work for. Not only did they allow us teachers the freedom to plan and organise the activities, but they were there to support and help us with anything we needed. Their helpfulness and care for their staff went above and beyond my expectations. At the end of the camp, there was a final show where we were given surprise presents by the accompanying teachers and the students. This was a wonderful reflection not just of the appreciation you get for your efforts in this job, but also a way of knowing that the students did learn and enjoy themselves. I would recommend this job as, not only is it an invaluable experience, but you get the opportunity to work with and befriend some truly great people whilst working in a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable environment.''
Leo Skliar, England
Jennie Moore, Ireland
''I’m a recent degree graduate of English and German with a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This year I had the opportunity to work with Italian students in Limerick who came over for the Uniceur at RITE Summer Camp. A camp like this is an excellent adventure for students of any nationality aiming to improve their English while having fun! It opens so many doors for school-goers, particularly learning to live independently – one of the most important skills needed for the future.''
Jennie Moore, Ireland
Chenice Louise Clarke, England
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the four weeks I have worked as an English teacher at Rite University. The programme, along with the support from my fellow teachers and colleagues, has enabled me to grow both professionally and personally. The programme has a fantastic emphasis on verbal communication, and I have seen our students flourish immensely during their two weeks in Canterbury. All in all this has been a fantastic experience."
Chenice Louise Clarke, England
Garry Sheahan, Ireland
''It was a pleasure to deal with the Rite Univeresity team this summer. I was the camp coordinator in Limerick, Ireland, and due to the professional nature of the organisers, it was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my career thus far. Teachers were in the privileged position, whereby, they were initially provided with all essential teaching materials and if something out of the ordinary was required, it was on site in a matter of minutes. This made working for the company very easy, and overall, it made the camp run smoothly and effectively.''
Garry Sheahan, Ireland
Chris Mattinson, England
''Working for Rite University has been the best way that I could have spent this summer! From playing endless games of football, to having the chance to teach children that are enthusiastic and committed to learning, it’s been a fantastic experience. The homely atmosphere here means that I’ve made some great friends amongst the management and the other teachers, and I look forward to returning to Rite one day. This has been an amazing opportunity with an equally amazing set of staff and children who have been a pleasure to teach. Thank you!''
Chris Mattinson, England
Niamh Hennessy, Ireland
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the RITE company. The Managers were professional and helpful in providing a supportive working environment. The Italian students were lively and exciting to work with,  during academic and Irish dance classes. The morning classes provided a structured environment to learn from each other's culture. Teachers were friendly, passionate and dedicated, and worked collaboratively to establish the best possible student-centred programme. The tours were great for interaction and getting to know the students at a more in-depth level outside of the academic classroom. Overall RITE is an excellent company to work for. It gives you an immense sense of satisfaction to watch the student's learning and improving their English skills each day."
Niamh Hennessy, Ireland
Rosie Peacock, England
"I had a fantastic time working for Rite University. The whole program was very well organised and I was thoroughly supported by the company. I had access to a provided syllabus from which to base the lessons and was provided with free on campus accommodation to live during the camp. It was great to live with the other teachers, as we could help exchange ideas for lesson plans and keep up to date on the students progress. The children were so much fun to work with, and they were really positive about the whole experience, from trips to London to lessons in the classroom. I felt they really had the right attitude and they were a pleasure to teach. All in all, I felt like it was a really rewarding experience, and it has been my favourite teaching job with foreign students. I would love to return next summer!"
Rosie Peacock, England
Sarah Malone, England
''Working for Rite University has been an absolute pleasure! The course has been fantastically constructed to cater for and optimise upon the potential and progression of the students as well as keeping them motivated and enthusiastic to learn. It has been really lovely to meet all of the fellow staff and the permanent team here at Rite University have not only been really helpful, fun and great to work with, but have also become people I would love to keep in contact with in the future as their ability to stimulate and encourage the teachers as well as the students has been an inspiration! All in all, I would highly recommend working for Rite University for I have learnt many transferrable skills as well as had an enjoyable experience with friendly and welcoming people…both staff and students included!''
Sarah Malone, England

Student Feedback

  • ”I can’t believe I was in Ireland! It’s beautiful and I really had a great time. I wanted to stay in Limerick forever!”Chiara I.
  • ”I can say that this experience up to now is the best of my life because our teachers were fantastic!”- Laura P.
  • ”I really liked you, Rite University! From the breakfast to dinner and especially the afternoon activities: sports, karaoke, project work and many more! It was very exiting! Thank you!” - Antonio S.
  • ”Before I arrived in Canterbury I thought… the food isn’t going to be good and the teachers won’t be funny. After, I thought the inverse because the teachers are very funny and the food is good! I love my lessons; I like drama and history because the two are very interesting. My favourite part of the trip was London, because I got to see all of the monuments like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London Tower Bridge.” – Davide C.
  • ”Everything that I saw or did was fantastic. The teachers were very funny too! I think England is the best country in the world.” – Valentina C.
  • ”Our Teachers were fantastic and the welcome party was amazing!” – Carlotta S.
  • ”I loved it because I stayed with my friends, I spoke English and I saw my favourite city London! Thank you!”– Chiara R.
  • ”The lessons were more challenging than I have expected which made me work harder and feel really rewarded when I’ve got my certificate in the final show.I have enjoyed everything, but mostly the long walks around London! This experience will stay in my mind forever” – Sandra T.
  • ”It was a wonderful experience! I would like to repeat it again!”Federica C.
  • ”A happy education! This is the meaning of the Rite University!” – Samuel F.
  • ”It was amazing! I liked so much the excursions!”Ilaria M.
  • ”Every single day of the summer camp was beautiful!” -Silvia N.
  • ”My favourite activity was a drama workshop! I loved it!” -Lorenzo G.
  • ”I loved the race and movie nights! Sport activities were great too!” -Davide T.
  • ”My favourite part of the trip was our performance of Hamlet in the Final show! It was amazing!” -Francesca N.
  • ”The lessons were based on communication and interaction, filled with funny activities and projects. It was very interesting! I really enjoyed my time in England! Every moment was precious and unforgettable.” -Valeria G.
  • ”All the activities were really enjoyable especially karaoke night, Irish dance lessons, orienteering, quiz night and the project work!”Ludovica A.
  • ”I loved it! All the daily activities were entertaining and the teachers were very patient and friendly! Everything what they did was prepared with care and enthusiasm.” -Palma M.
  • ” It was an amazing experience for me! The fact that I met here so many friendly people made me like even more England. It was fantastic!” -Raffaella T.
  • ”University of Kent is beautiful! I have truly enjoyed staying here. ” – Giancarlo C.
  • ”I really like the university campus. Our residential houses were very comfortable. The campus is surrounded by the lush greenery with trees, which makes it even more charming.” -Palma M.
  • ”It’s fantastic! The university has a lot of greenery that makes it absolutely beautiful! This place is very safe too.”Raffaella T.
  • ”I had a lot of fun during my stay in Canterbury! All the activities were enjoyable for everyone. I will never forget my summer with Rite University!”Claudia C.
  • ”The summer camp was great! The teachers were happy and enthusiastic and with their help I have really improved my English skills.” – Gianfranco D.
  • ”Rite University team was very friendly and kind with us. They gave us hospitality, food, facilities for our activities, guides for our excursions and above all they gave us their friendship! ” -Davide S.
  • “I had a lot of fun! During activities our teachers helped us to know each other better and made us feel welcomed and happy. It was like a second home for me! -Sara O.
  • ”I like the university campus a lot. Our residential houses were very comfortable and nice. This made my stay even more delightful. ” -Claudia C.
  • ”I had a great time! All teachers were very friendly and welcoming. I loved karaoke nights!Thank you!” -Francesca Maria T.
  • ”I had a great time in England! We danced, performed drama, sang, went on excursions and simply enjoyed being there because of our amazing teachers!” -Davide M.
  • ”I really liked Irish dancing lessons and project work because I learned so many Irish traditions through those activities.”Franco T.
  • ”During the lesson about London I was really excited about it because I love London! When we went to this city I saw the beautiful monuments and palaces.” -– Matilde P.
  • ”I enjoyed greatly the swimming at University of Limerick, playing Gaelic football, Dublin excursions and all other activities.”Sara V.
  • ”The lessons were beautiful, because our teachers were very good and funny! My favourite part of the trip was the visit to Canterbury and London.” – Michela B.
  • ”All activities were different and well organised. Our English language teachers and summer camp coordinators made me feel really happy and welcome every moment of the programme.”Mariangela F.
  • ”I loved it! Everyday we have learnt something new and participated in activities, which were entertaining and educational. I have really improved my English skills!”Mariadelle M.
  • ”It was a brand new experience for me and I loved it! All the activities were different and well orgnised. I have enjoyed all of them! I would like to come back again!Matteo C.
  • ”It was great! The teachers were very welcoming and supportive which made our summer camp even more amazing!” -Deborah B.
  • ”All teachers and coordinators are very good, happy and beautiful people! Thank you very much!”- Alighiero I.
  • ”I liked it very much! I have learnt so much about Irish costumes, traditions, people, mannerism, history, sports and dance!”Carmela B.
  • ”For me it was a completely new experience and I will never forget it.”Ivana V.
  • ”The English teachers and summer camp staff made me feel really like home.”Giovanna C.
  • ”Rite University staff organised very good lessons and excursions. I loved it!”Anna R.
  • ”The teachers were brilliant! They have a very good teaching methods and good approach to students. This experience was funny, enjoyable and relaxing!”Melanie S.
  • ”I made new friends and the time I spent in Limerick was wonderful!”Virna S.
  • ”All teachers were fantastic!”Gianluca S.
  • ”All of the activities were fantastic because of our amazing teachers. Thank you for showing me the beauty that is Ireland!”Riccardo N.
  • ”The lessons were fantastic! Thank you!”Elpidio P.
  • ”I loved the Cliffs of Moher! It was a spectacular experience and our teachers made it even more special. I have never seen anything like this before!”Luigi M.
  • ”The lessons were very interesting!”Federica F.
  • ”The lessons were beautiful and made me smile every time!”Rosa P.
  • ”The teachers were excellent and the activities were simply amazing!” Anna P.
  • ”The summer camp in Ireland was fantastic! I will never forget this experience!”Sara V.
  • ”I didn’t want to leave Ireland! The teachers made me feel really happy and welcome. I hope to return there one day!”Mariadele Z.
  • ”The lessons were really interesting and helped me to discover new things about Ireland.”Ivana V.
  • ”Thank you for all the amazing emotions that I have experienced and the friendships that I have made!”Antonio G.
  • ”I had a great time in Ireland and I even had a chance to see the ocean for the first time in my life! This experience was amazing!”Caterina M.
  • ”The lessons were very well organised, interesting and amusing! Our teachers were fantastic and extremely helpful.”Mariangela G.
  • ”The excursions have been amazing! I loved Galway because of it’s gorgeous streets, houses and a waterfall!”Giovanni Z.
  • ”It was my first time in Ireland and I loved it! I visited most of the Ireland’s famous sights, ate traditional food, made new friends and even danced the traditional Irish dance!”Salvatore B.
  • ”I love the university! Lot’s of greenery and wildlife! It makes me feel closer to nature, helps to relax and enjoy my stay.” -Deborah B.
  • ”The lessons were very interesting and interactive. I loved all the activities and excursions!”Roberto L.
  • ”I really enjoyed all the excursions especially The Cliffs of Moher! The Atlantic Ocean and the nature sounds simply took my breath away. ”Pamela Z.
  • ”I really enjoyed the lessons because of my best ever teacher! We sang many songs together and performed drama at the final show. I was never bored!”– Virna S.
  • ”It was a very beautiful experience!”Grace C.
  • ”Every single thing that I have experienced and seen was amazing! The activities were great and I have really improved my English! I will never forget Ireland!”– Simona L.
  • ”It was one of the best trips of my life!”Sara S.
  • ”It is simply beautiful. The university is very big and full of rabbits and squirrels. The classrooms are good and the houses are very comfortable.”Matteo C.
  • ”My favourite part of the programme was when we did drama, sang and practised Irish dance! It was great!”Valeria C.
  • ”It was an amazing experience I will remember it for the rest of my life!”Gianvito C.
  • ”The lessons were very interesting and really entertaining! I would like to come back again!”Melanie S.
  • ”The excursions and the lessons were very interesting and I was never bored!”Elena S.
  • ”I like the university a lot, because you can find there everything you need: shops, restaurants, football pitch and many more facilities. It’s a fantastic university!”Davide V.
  • ”I loved the lessons the most! My teacher was very friendly and kind! I was very sad that I had to go home, but I am sure that I will come back in Ireland one day because it felt like home!”Giovanna C.
  • ”I really liked the lessons and our lovely teachers! I had a great time in Ireland!”Bellavie L.
  • ”The lessons were very interesting and I really enjoyed them!”Cofano C.
  • ”The university is awesome! The houses and the colleges are complete with everything! And the stupendous walk from our residence to the college in the green! Its amazing!”-Francesca V.
  • ”My favourite part of the programme was when we visited the Irish heritage: King John’s castle, the fantastic Cliffs of Moher and Kerry Ring!”Claudia C.
  • ”The university campus is really large. You can find there everything you need!”-Orsolina J.
  • ‘The lessons were great and really interesting! Thank you!”Enrico S.
  • ”I like the houses at University of Kent! They are very spacious and comfortable.”- Iris B.
  • ”The rooms at University of Kent are very comfortable and the food was really good! -Francesca G.
  • ”All activities were very interesting and beautiful! Quiz night was great! Thank you for making us feel welcome and happy!”Tonia A.
  • ”I have learnt so many new things about Irish culture and doing so I have improved greatly my English skills! I loved Irish dancing which was the highlight of the programme!”Giuseppe C.
  • ”I loved the cultural preparations before the excursions! I had an amazing time!”Giancarlo C.
  • ”During the programme I always had a great time and experienced many new things like Gaelic football, hurling, Irish dancing, outstanding views of Ireland and many more! It was amazing.”Lorenzo C.
  • ”The classrooms are big and very modern!”Alice B.
  • ”The lessons were great and I really hope to come back again next year!”Matteo M.
  • ”I really enjoyed drama workshops especially when we were taught how to use our body language to act and express our emotions! It was great!”Gioia A.