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Canterbury, England

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Canterbury. Our full immersion Programme allows students to experience life in a quintessentially English city. This unique opportunity allows you to visit a place that has been central to much of England’s religious, political and cultural history, whilst still having a modern and vibrant feel. There’s no better place to learn the English language than in a City that represents everything that makes England worth visiting. Join us on a journey of discovery across England! Read more

Limerick, Ireland

We are ideally located in the mid-western region of Ireland to access the most culturally rich and historically exciting areas of the country. With a core group of young and enthusiastic staff we work with students in the areas of personal development, both as individuals and as members of a larger social group.

In addition we manage tailored English language lessons to improve students English language skills in an environment that is both enjoyable and challenging.

Join us on a journey of discovery across Ireland!

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Vienna, Austria

Austria is a country rich with beautiful mountain valley views and history that captures the spirit of bygone era. The splendour of Austria will likely take your breath away with the grandeur of Imperial Vienna and Baroque Architecture combined with art – nouveau buildings. Austria is an extraordinary destination for our students who wish to explore the sites including serene and drinking water quality lakes, countryside villages, ornate palaces and imperial monuments. Join us on a journey of discovery across Austria! Read more

Bugibba, Malta

Malta is a tiny country located in the charming Mediterranean sea with beautiful bays, and the past that goes back to pre – historic times. This enticing island with rich palette of history, culture and beyond the beauty natural golden beaches, will amaze you and remain forever in your memory. Malta is an exceptional destination for our students who wish to explore this exquisite island including the crystal clear blue water quality bays and pre-historic temples. Join us on a journey of discovery across Malta! Read more