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Step - By - Step Guide

How to Start studying at Rite University in Five Easy Steps!

While making a decision to learn a foreign language overseas is challenging and thrilling, we understand there are a lot of aspects to consider.

Rite University is here to provide a detailed guidance and support as you explore our destinations in England, Ireland, Malta and Austria.

This five – step guide outlines the key steps to start your education at Rite University.

Let's Get started!

STEP 1: What programme is right for you?

You are given a great opportunity to pick from a variety of programmes we offer many of which could be modified according to your needs.

Decide which programme suits you best!

STEP 2: Where would you like to study?

Think about where you would like to study, which country you would like to visit and try to choose the destination that is the best choice for your lifestyle habits and budget.

STEP 3: Register for a programme!

Once you have chosen your destination and a programme, you can complete the registration by filling out the online application form on our website.

It’s simple to use and is secure!

STEP 4: Get ready for a trip to your destination country!

Look up on our website frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) and find out the answers to the questions that you may have about the travel.

Don’t forget to read our practical packing tips!

Plan a stress – free trip with us!

STEP 5: Need Help? Get in Touch with Rite University team!

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

Our team will be happy to find the programme and destination that is appropriate for you, based on programme eligibility, your needs and budget.

We are always there for you!

When you arrive in your destination country, our team will be always there to help you and make your stay an enjoyable and memorable one.