Portrait Of Happy Family In GardenThis Programme allows you to combine the study of music with the steady acquisition of the English language. Here, students will undergo intense English lessons in the morning, followed by music based afternoon workshops. English lessons will be given by members of our global network of highly qualifies language teachers while the music portion of the programme will be delivered by members of the music schools of performance.

English lessons will be tailored to suit the needs of the attending group. We do aim to structure the lessons around the theme of ‘Music’ itself, meaning that not only will students improve their communication skills in a foreign language but they will be exposed to the complexities of poetry, the subtleties of great literary texts and the therapeutic possibilities offered by creative writing.

The Music workshop will be comprised of elements such as: Music history, analysis and criticism, Poetry, Song writing, and specialised lessons on how to play particular instruments.

We have found that this particular programme not only enhances the language skills and musical knowledge of the students, but it also gives them a platform on which to showcase their skills, a setting in which to allow their personalities to bloom and an environment which is ideal for the personal development of all individuals who take part.


Music and English Programme details:

  • Age: 11+
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Length: 1-12 weeks
  • General English Lessons: Total tuition time of 17 hours 30 minutes a week
  • Music Project work: 9 hours a week
  • Half – day and full – day cultural excursions
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme
  • Average class size: 15
  • Start date: Any Monday (exceptions may apply)
  • Certificate of attendance and progress report issued at the end of the programme
  • Programme material, internet access and activity programme included in the fees